I create my graphic sheets by printing from stone (limestone), and old traditional method under which the artist draws on a stone slab, using a greasy pencil, and the finished drawing is then etched into that slab (see the "Creating a Lithograph" series) - active link. Today this technique is unique in that the artist makes the drawing on the matrix (stone slab) manually, without using any modern digital methods. The graphic sheets are then printed in a workshop owned by Petr Korbelář, a student of Rudolf Broulim, a world-famous printer living and working in Belgium. My graphic works thus continue the tradition of excellence of lithographic workshops used by Albín Brunovský, Oldřich Kulhánek, Vladimír Suchánek, Vladimír Gažovič ... and more. The circulation of each of my graphic sheet is less than 100 items to maintain a high value, i.e. buying a high-quality graphic sheet can be seen as a good investment.